Monday, September 17, 2012

A Kid (and not the goat kind)

Well, its true.  Evan and I are going to be PARENTS.  I know, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, right?

I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and nervous.   The thought of parenthood doesn't seem like it applies to us.  Evan and I still act like kids so the thought of us raising one sounds almost absurd.  However, in mid March there will be an addition to our family.  We won't just be the young married couple anymore; we will be the little family.  Whoa.

Evan and I found out on July 3rd that I was pregnant.  We spent the next 24 hours in shock and going back and forth between jumping up and down and googling "what to do when..."  We have always called babies miracles but the reality of just how big of a miracle they are starts to set in when it applies to you. It was beyond hard to keep our lips sealed until we felt it was the right time to tell everyone.  We wanted to wait until things seemed to be in a pretty clear "safe zone" and until the 1st trimester was almost complete.  Well, hallelujah, we have made it to that point!

We could barely hold ourselves together when we were FINALLY ready to let the news out (it felt like much more than a few months worth of waiting). Our families and friends have screamed with excitement and jumped up and down with joy.  Some have cried and a few have beaten me with whatever they were holding due to the fact that I had fibbed to them at some point over the last few months.

So now it's preparation time. On one hand, having 6 months to prepare seems like a long time, and on the other, it seems like it might as well be tomorrow.  There is a lot we dont know.  There is a lot we are reading up on, talking to new parents about and plenty we will have to learn as it comes. But there is one thing that we do know; our lives are about to change BIG TIME.  And I'm not sad to say that I'm excited about that.  I know that "mommyhood" wont be all roses and butterflies but I do know that I am called to it.  Here is to a new adventure, a crazy ride and a lot of learning!

14 weeks and some change (and have I mentioned that talking in weeks is weird to me?).  I honestly think the tummy came in over night. What is that baby doing down there, anyway?! Weird!

And now, the feature presentation. A little video we like to call "Telling the Family" staring our parents and siblings as themselves. 

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