Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boy oh boy

Ladies and Gentleman, we are officially parents and ITS A BOY!  Just for the record, I was right!  Ever since Xavier Gray Lanier (we call him Gray) was born on March 7th, all I have wanted to do is hang out and look at him.  If there is ever a spare minute, I just want to be with him (as folks can tell from my lack of most extracurricular activities).  The Lord has certainly sent us a gift and I love him so!

We headed to the hospital to check-in at 6:00am on March 7th and Gray made his entrance to the World at 12:29 (he was already like his momma and didn't want to miss lunch)! He was 6 pounds, 5 ounces and 18 and 3/4 inches long and he didn't even have a beard like his daddy!  He was perfect from the start and pretty much the most beautiful thing I have ever seen (so maybe he isn't our kid after all).  Our families and friends have welcomed him and given him more love than I could have ever imagined. He turned 4 months old on Sunday and I can't believe it.  People warned me that time would fly and they were right.  He has changed so much already.  It is so fun to watch him grow and learn!  Now he can smile and grab things (including my hair) and show his delight or disdain.  He is a little nomad baby going from person to person and sharing his joy.  I honestly think he has secret happy baby powers!

We have learned a lot in our short time as parents and are still trying to adjust to the fact that pregnancy is over and the next 18 years have started. We have learned that little boys are quite good with their aim from the very start of their lives.  We have learned that you never have to wonder when it is time for a baby to eat.  We have learned that you really can survive on little sleep but its not very fun.  We have learned that babies dont always have "that baby smell" and sometimes they just need a bath! We have learned that the love you have for your child is bigger than you could ever imagine and that baby snuggles are priceless.  As life and learning continue we are praying that this little man will be healthy in every way and a special man of God. Please join with us in the same prayer.

And now, in true annoying mother are a few pictures of the man cub. Enjoy! I certainly do!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Almost There

Well ladies and gentleman, we are almost there.  It is hard to believe that in 6 weeks or less we will bring a new life in to the World.  I know I have mentioned it time and time again, but my mind is still blown that Evan and I will be parents.

Things have gone smoothly throughout the pregnancy and for that we are more than grateful.  Now we are in full blown "ticking time bomb" mode.  The hospital bag was packed this morning (just to set us at ease), the car seat is ready to go and we will get and update on the size, weight and progress of our child on Friday.  The nursery is done and the odds and ins are, for the most part, gathered throughout the house (thanks to wonderful friends and family who have been beyond generous with their gifts).  I know there will still be plenty of things we end up finding/getting in the very moment we need it due to not knowing it was a necessity (have I mentioned we've never done this before?) and there will be plenty of trips back and forth to our house and the store from the hospital for some poor soul but, for the most part, the baby materials are gathered.

People keep asking "are you ready?"  To this, we have no idea what to say.  Are we ready to meet our child and have pregnancy over with?  Yes.  Are we ready to have sickness out of the way and trade it in for a different type of sleepless night?  Sure.  Are we ready to go through birth?  No.  Are we ready to be parents and know what we are doing?  I have no idea.  It's hard to know if we are ready or not because it's hard to know what we are getting in to.  What we do know is that we are excited.

We are excited to meet our little one (excited especially to find out and announce that it is a boy or a girl).  We are excited to see who he/she looks like.  I am personally excited to not have my ribs and other insides kicked out by what seems to be a really strong baby. I am really excited to be a mom and I think Evan is excited to be a dad too.   And, of course  I am excited to share a picture of our family of 3 with you in the near future :)
So, until all that excitement comes to fruition, here is a not so attractive picture of me and my big 'ol belly from last night.