Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spiritual Underwear

"You'de better pray. You're in a battle. Let the Lord arm you. You can't face the enemy in spiritual underwear."
-Francine Rivers, And the Shofar Blew

That is a pretty great quote huh?  I have read pretty much every book that Francine Rivers has ever put out, and though many have intriguing stories and most have valuable lessons, this book gave me that incredible quote to carry around as a souvenir. Though I don't remember much else about the book (don't tell Francine that), this 4 sentence phrase has stuck with me for years. A statement that brings prayer, battle, the Lord arming you and underwear together has to be a great one, right?!

The thought of entering a battle with nothing but underwear makes a pretty vivid  point to me.  If I were to march on a field and battle the enemy, I would want a sword, a gun and anything else I could get my hands on!  But come to think of it, I do that very thing each and every day.  The only catch is, it's up to me as to how much I am armed.  It's up to me to equip myself for the battle.  Do I show up to the fight in nothing but my unmentionables or am I decked out and ready?

So, "you'de (we'de/I'de) better pray." Prayer is GREAT STUFF and one major avenue that connects us to God and keeps us from only having underwear to protect us when the World is sending it's best armies against us. He will arm us (luckily we don't have to find our ammo on our own) and we get to decide how much of that ammo we want in our pockets for the sneak attack.

 I had a friend come to my office a few days ago to pray and she said "there is no urgent matter on my mind this morning, sometimes I just need to pray."  Indeed!  Sometimes, all the time, I/we/us just need to pray. Let's not wait until life is falling apart to reach out to the Alpha and Omega. 

So I'm sure you can already see where I'm going with today's challenge for us all.  Pray people.  Lets grab the swords and guns and leave our days of nakedness behind.  God is ready to hear our prayers and ready to give us His answers for the battles, but it's up to us to make the connection.