Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Camp

It has been 3 months since I have dared to write a spiffy new blog. Summer camp has the type of ability to take away everything beyond the grounds of Sumatanga (not saying that is a bad thing). As many of you know, I was originally hired to work year round to make summer camp happen. The brochures, marketing, curriculum, crafts and shirts were taken care of months in advance but May began with last minute preparations for staff training and the almost 2,000 summer campers that would join us. From there, we hit the ground running and haven't stopped.  It is hard to believe that the last 9 weeks are almost over. The individual days seem long but it all seems so short when looking back.

My constant prayer through summer camp has been for the campers to be safe both physically and spiritually. We have been blessed to have had no emergency room visits (and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we keep that record up for the next 24 hours). We have also been blessed with a fabulous group of counselors. This years crew has really impressed us with their spiritual maturity and willingness to share their hearts with all the campers that have come through. I have found myself inspired by the core group of counselors that keep everyone encouraged and spirits lifted even when they are spending 6 weeks in 100 degree weather at a camp that happens primary outdoors.

Now my prayer, as the campers leave, is for them to have found a basic faith and relationship here that they can carry with them throughout each day. I remember being a 6th grader at Sumatanga's summer camp and realizing for the first time that, not only did I believe in Christ, but that Christ was personally mine and I could have as much of Him as I wanted. I pray that the campers (from 1st to12th grade) have also found Christ in some form or fashion while being here. If not, we have failed in our jobs as Christians and as a camp. Please join with me in praying for the campers that we have shared our summer with. Our prayers have been answered while they have been here and I know they will be answered for continued growth while they are beyond our grounds.

Thank you to everyone who blessed us with your prayers and support this summer. I am proud to report that it has been a phenomenal summer with hundreds of lives changed. We have learned about Faith through Hebrews 11 and now we all step out in Faith to share our love of Christ with others!