Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I Do Solemnly...

These 3 words are not usually followed by something simple or petty.  These 3 words are meant to be followed by a significant oath or resolution.  Tonight, I watched 6 men say these 3 powerful words followed by those of which made up a resolution to be Godly and faithful men to their families.  One of these courageous men was my husband.  He stood boldly in front of me and our ministers to declare what God has called him to do. To say that I am a proud wife would do a terrible injustice to how I really feel.  

These 6 men have met, studied and prayed together and have now signed a resolution promising to hold each other accountable to be the best men they can be from here on out.  They hope to add to their number of courageous men and be leaders not only in their families but to their church and community as well.  This resolution came from a study that followed the movie Courageous that came out last year. This movie showed the need for husbands and fathers to take the helm and stand out in faith for their families when it's not always easy.  Now, I must tell you, my husband is not one to do things that seem corny or cheesy or do things because they were in a movie and he usually isn't drawn to something that everyone else is doing; Evan has always stood out with his own likes and dislikes and that is part of what I love about him.  These facts are what makes his resolution to be a leader to me and our future children even more impacting.  He did not do this because it was what he was supposed to do or what was expected of him and he certainly did not do it because it was in a movie.  He did it because he truly wants to follow a call on his life and be faithful to his God and his family.  To know this desire is in his heart is an incredible testament to the man he is. 

Whether you've seen the movie Courageous or not, I hope you can grasp what a strong thing these men did tonight.  I know it moves me to be a better wife now and pushes my desire to be the best mom I possibly can in the future.  Evan, I'm proud of you and I love you more than you can imagine.  Kevin, Courtney, Dave, Adam and Jeremy, I know your wives were as proud to stand by you as I was to stand with Evan and are honored in your commitment to them and your children.  We are blessed.


Not deterred by danger or pain; brave.


  1. Awesome....This is a great inspiration to those young men that look up to him (two of those young men I know VERY well).

  2. WOW.......talking about a proud dad!!!